Delicious, sweet, and a little tart, this long-running berry is sure to tickle your tastebuds. Available Mid June to October, each variety packs big flavor in a tasty morsel clear into fall!


Our earliest raspberry Lauren has a large size and wonderful flavor! With lots of easy to pick high quality fruit it can be enjoyed as a fresh berry, or frozen or preserved for yearlong enjoyment.


Berries are large with very coherent druplets and a very good raspberry flavor. Great as a fresh berry or frozen or preserved.


Taylor raspberry is considered by most to be the best-flavored variety of red available. This heritage standby has a light-colored, medium-to-large, long and firm berry that will be enjoyed year round whether fresh, frozen or preserved.

Joan J

Our only thornless raspberry, the late season Joan J has large firm berries with very good flavor. They are easy to pick and will last the longest fresh of all our raspberry varieties.


The fall bearing Josephine offers a sweet summer treat clear into October, with a berry that has excellent size and firmness with very good flavor.

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