Ripe and juicy, Peaches are truly the fruit of summer! There's nothing like a fresh, sweet Peach on a hot day, and we've got tons of variety for you to choose from! Available July-September!

Flamin’ Fury PF1

(Early July) This juicy sweet peach is one of the earliest varieties, sometimes ripening a month before Redhaven. The first of several Paul Friday (PF) peach varieties we grow, it is best eaten fresh as it is a semi-cling peach.

Avalon Pride

(Early July) An early season peach, Avalon Pride’s highly flavored, yellow fleshed, semi-freestone fruit is great for fresh eating

Flamin’ Fury PF 8Ball

(Early July) This large, red skinned, freestone peach is another winner from Paul Friday. With it’s lovely texture and excellent flavor it’s sure to become a favorite with many! Great as a fresh eater, it’s freestone quality also makes is good as a canning variety.

Flamin’ Fury PF 8 Ball White (WHITE FLESH)

(Early July) An early season peach, Avalon Pride’s highly flavored, yellow fleshed, semi-freestone fruit is great for fresh eating

Red Haven

(Late July) The standard by which all early peaches are judged, Redhaven has a firm yellow fles and smooth texture. Beautiful red and golden skin covers a peach that is excellent fresh, slips skins and pits easily for canning, and has a good shelf life.

Flamin’ Fury PF Lucky 13

(Mid July) Our new favorite is sure to become yours too! Large firm fruit are sweet and juicy with an exceptional flavor that has made it the signature variety of Paul Friday peaches. Excellent any way you try it, this new freestone peach variety will knock your socks off and keep you coming back for more. Excellent for canning also.

Galaxy & Saturn (DONUT PEACHES)

(Mid July/Early Aug) These special little peaches bring a blast of sweet juicy sweet taste and a smile! Fun and unusual, but also tasty, these peaches are sure to satisfy the kid in all of us.

Elegant Lady

(Early Aug) A Yellow-fleshed freestone peach of excellent quality with a beautiful red blushed skin. Fruit is sweet and juicy and may be enjoyed fresh or preserved in a variety of ways.

Coral Star

(Early Aug) A large, beautiful, freestone peach with firm flesh and a wonderful sweet flavor that may be enjoyed fresh or preserved. Stores well in a cooler or refrigerator, and does not brown when cut.

Flamin’ Fury PF24

(Mid Aug) A delicious, freestone peach to be enjoyed fresh or preserved. Another wonderful Paul Friday peach our family loves!

Early Golden Elberta

(Mid Aug) An earlier ripening strain of the favorite heritage type Elberta. The skin and flesh of this peach are golden yellow with a rich, sweet flavor. Early Elberta is a large oval-shaped fruit that is a favorite for its ease of canning.

Golden Elberta

(Late Aug) is firm with flesh that is yellow in color with a red blushed golden skin. One of the leading peach varieties for over 80 years, and a favorite of many for both fresh eating and canning.

J.H. Hale

(Late Aug) The fruit of J.H. Hale is extra large, round and uniform with golden skin covered by a brilliant sweet red blush. Firm yellow flesh makes this peach an excellent keeper and explains why it has enjoyed almost a century of popularity. Great for canning also.

Flamin’ Fury PF Fat Lady

(Early Sept) It isn’t over until the Fat Lady sings! This late variety often ripens mid September, providing wonderful peach treats late in the season. This freestone peach has the excellent flavor typical of Paul Friday varieties enclosed in a beautiful blushed skin. Great for eating and canning it stores well if refrigerated.

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