Ranging from sweet to tart, our Cherries are a Washington staple! Available June-July, we have everything from baking varieties to the coveted Rainier and Montmorency Tart Cherries!

Early Robin

(Ripens early July) A very early baking variety that ripens in July. Lodi is extremely tart and dry and is superb for pie making. Must keep refrigerated after picking

Coral Champagne

A large, dark sweet cherry with a dark flesh and firmness and taste similar to Bing. Has excellent shelf life and freezes well.


A dark mahogany cherry with a super sweet flavor. Our farm favorite for eating, canning and freezing.


The most popular cherry variety for decades, Bing is a dark sweet cherry with firm flesh. A favorite for eating or freezing with one of the longest shelf lives of cherries if refrigerated.


The premier cherry variety, Rainier has a beautiful yellow color with a red blush. A light sweet flavor makes it good for fresh eating or canning. Turns brown if frozen.

Montmorency Tart Cherry

A small light red sour cherry particularly good for pie, preserves and desserts. Excellent antioxidants in these cherries make them popular in juice drinks as well.

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