This intense bright blue fruit is cultivated in the Pacific Northwest and loaded with minerals and antioxidants. Blueberries typically consist of carbohydrates and various micronutrients that support a healthy body.

Blueberries grow on bushes. Depending on where they are grown, they can be “low” or “high” bushes. The various types of blueberries are good for either fresh eating, puree, juice, jellies, jams, pies, muffins and even as an additive to breakfast cereals. This versatile berry can even be made into wine or frozen for later use! We invite you to come to the farm and pick your fill, today. Learn more about the varieties we offer today below. Available for uPick and We Pick. Available Mid-June through July.


An early light blue berry that is firm with a mild flavor that sweetens with refrigeration. This large berry keeps well and is great fresh, frozen, or preserved.


Our largest berry, Toro is firm with a mild flavor and grows in large easy to pick clusters. A medium blue this is a great all purpose berry ripening right behind Duke.


A large darker blue berry with a crisp and sweet flavor. Draper is firm and has an excellent shelf life. Good for all uses but excellent flavor for baking.


The largest berry available, Chandler is often larger than a quarter in size. With a mild sweet flavor and a great texture it’s sure to be a favorite as it quickly fills buckets in early July.

Pink Lemonade

Full of antioxidants, its novel pink color is the main attraction for this berry, but its sweet blueberry taste is a winner as well. Great for fresh eating and desserts. Mid to late season berry.

Last Call

A late variety that extends the blueberry season into late July. A large light blue berry with exceptional flavor and firmness excellent for fresh eating and freezing.

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