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 since 1994

Do we need to bring picking baskets?

We have buckets or you can use your own containers for picking. We do recommend that you stop in at our Farm Store and have the staff pre-weigh your containers before you fill them up. We offer large heavy cardboard picking boxes for $2 that are perfect for picking peaches and apples right into.

Do we need to provide containers to take our fruit home?

You are welcome to use your own containers or you can use our free sturdy fruit bags or purchase a cardboard fruit box for $2 that holds 25lbs of fruit.


 We have a saying… A TASTE is ok, but GRAZING is stealing!  We kindly ask that you pay for your fruit before eating/snacking just like you would at any grocery store. If every customer that comes to our farm eats just one little ½ cup of fruit/one peach/one apple, etc. that amounts to more than $10,000 in lost fruit sales each year.  Ouch!

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, credit and debit at our Farm Store. All other sales stations at our farm (including food service) are cash only.

Do you allow pets?

No. Due to national food safety regulations we do not allow any pets. All pets must remain in your vehicle at all times. We prefer you leave your pets home where they will be most comfortable.

Do you allow service animals?

Yes. We do allow any service dog that is properly identified, restrained and trained. Please stop in our Farm Store to let the staff know your dog will be with you. Service dogs are not allowed in any of the fruit fields due to national food safety regulations. They must remain in our park area at all times.

Do you spray your crops?

If you mean, do we spray bad chemicals on our fruit…then no. But, we do use our sprayers quite often to spray on natural/organic fertilizers and nutrients because the leaf surface of the plant is the best way for the plant to absorb these nutrients. You can see more about our farming methods by clicking here.

What days do you offer donuts?

We offer hot donuts and drinks every Saturday from May to October. We offer a hot BBQ type lunch during our Saturday fruit festivals. You can check our ACTIVITIES tab for festival dates. Midweek we have a few snack foods and hard ice cream available in the Farm Store.

Do you provide picnic tables, and can we bring our own picnic food?

Yes, we do have many picnic tables and a large grass area for picnicking, and you are welcome to bring your own picnic from home. No food is allowed in our fruit fields due to food safety regulations.

Are professional photographers allowed to use the farm for photo shoots with their clients?

Yes, any time during our posted open hours. There is no charge.

Can we take our family/graduation pictures at your farm?

Yes, any time during our posted open hours. There is no charge.

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