Small Group Rentals
Do you just want to rent a private space for your family or church group to meet together during our open hours? We are confident our service, our setting and our facilities will live up to your expectations.

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Small Group Rentals

Small Group Rental spaces below are intended for smaller groups of family or friends that want to have a private space to meet up together during our OPEN hours when we are open to the public at large.

Book Your Group

Grab your friends and book your small group a private space by clicking on the links below, choosing a date and time and providing payment in full at the time of reservation.

    Berry Park Pavillion (Available May to October)

    This space includes a 16’x24′ pavillion over a concrete patio with 3 picnic tables, and also a grass area fenced off from the public. In October you also have the option of having a fire in the fire pit.  It is a perfect location for parties with young children who want to be close to the playgrounds, Barnyard train, and animal farm.

    The pavillion can be rented on the hour from 10am to 4pm during our OPEN hours.

    • BERRY PARK PAVILLION (up to 40 people) $40/hr

    Fall Park Firepit Rental (Oct only)


    Fire Pit rentals include a private space with a large fire pit fully tended by our staff, stump and straw bale seating, one picnic table, roasting sticks and marshmallows.  The fire pits are located near our Pumpkin Patch, Apple Slingshots, FarmLAND and Little Farmers play areas, and the Squeeze-Your-Own Apple Cider area.

    Spaces rent on the hour from 10am to 5pm (closing at 6pm). You can book as many hours as you desire.

    • SMALL FIREPIT (up to 15 people) $25/hr
    • MEDIUM FIREPIT (15 to 25 people) $35/hr
    • LARGE FIREPIT (25 to 40 people) $45/hr

    Berry Park — Additional Optional Eats

    Seasonal Donuts

    $10/dozen/ minimum 2 dozen for delivery to your party space.

    Payment in full is due upon reserving your private party space online.  Parties must be booked 24 hours in advance online.  If you have passed this timeline and want to book a party you must contact the farm at 509-882-3200 to see if there is space available.

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