Farm Fresh Produce & Family Fun

Bill’s Berry Farm is a small family farm located in the beautiful Yakima Valley of Eastern Washington. We specialize in farm fresh produce and family fun. We would love to have your family come pick some of our organic and biological fruit, fresh from the field!

Come visit!

Summer is here and the fruit season is in full swing here in the valley! Bill, Julie and crew are so excited for you all to join them at the farm again!


Our certified organic Blackberries are BIG, thornless, and so quick to pick! U-pick details below!


Fresh made every Saturday with fresh flavors that change with the season!

Peaches are ripe!

We grow 14 varieties of delicious peaches at our farm so you can have tree-ripened peaches from early July through early September! Come pick today or order a box pre-picked to pick up at our Farm Store!

Our commitment to Biological Farming is a long-term commitment for our family. It’s a way of farming and living that is key to our mission to bring you farm fresh produce that is not only tasty but nutrient dense.

Regular Summer Upick Hours:

Mon – Thurs  4pm – 8pm

Fri – Sat  9am to 5pm

Always Closed Sundays

5% CASH DISCOUNT every day!



We provide picking buckets but PLEASE BRING CONTAINERS TO TAKE YOUR FRUIT HOME! We have had difficulty keeping our upick trays available due to supply chain issues.

Sweet as a Peach Days

Saturdays, July 24, 31, Aug 7 & 14, 9am to 5pm


In Season

blueberry 2 - Fresh Farm Produce & Family Fun


Biologically Grown & Certified Organic

Toro, Draper, and Chandler $3.60/lb u-pick

apple 1 - Fresh Farm Produce & Family Fun

Lodi Baking Apples

Biologically Grown

$1.65/lb U-pick

Delicious old tart apple excellent for summer pies and baking!

raspberry - Fresh Farm Produce & Family Fun


Biologically Grown & Certified Organic

Red Raspberries $3.85/lb

Note: our red raspberries are very popular and pick out quickly as they ripen, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Best time for red raspberries is midweek evenings when fewer people are picking.

plum - Fresh Farm Produce & Family Fun


Biologically Grown

Yellow Shiro Plums $1.45lb/upick

blackberry - Fresh Farm Produce & Family Fun


Biologically Grown & Certified Organic

Thornless Natchez  $3.85/lb Upick

peach 1 - Fresh Farm Produce & Family Fun


Biologically Grown

Avalon Pride & PF-8 Ball Yellow Peaches $1.45lb/u-pick

PF-8 Ball White Peaches $1.45lb/u-pick


Our farming philosophy stems from what we believe contributes to the health and well being of our customers and our farm. Biological farming uses organic and conventional farming methods to restore naturally occurring micro-organisms and beneficial macro-organisms to the soil.

We are able to produce high quality, nutritious product without the use of large quantities of conventional fertilizers or pesticides. To do this we balance soil minerals, applying soil conditioners, and generally improve the natural soil fertility that helps soil structure, plant production and health.

farm store

Order and pay online and pick up at the farm store during our open hours!

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Fresh, warm, melt-in-your-mouth donuts are the perfect treat to finish off your visit! Life sure is sweet at the farm! We make our donuts fresh every Saturday from May to October, and flavors vary throughout the season.


  • As always, if you have played on the farm or pet the animals, we recommend you wash your hands before picking or eating produce.
  • Limit eating of fruit in the field to a small taste.  We thank you for waiting until after paying for your fruit to eat it.
  • No food or drink in the field (except water).
  • We have picking buckets for your use, but we encourage you to bring your own containers to carry your fruit home.  We do offer boxes for $1-2, or a heavy plastic fruit bag if you need them.
  • No ladders may be used by any customer.
  • You are more than welcome at our farm with or without a mask.


We have a strict NO PETS policy! Please leave your pets at home for their comfort.
We DO allow properly restrained and trained Service Dogs. Please stop at the Farm Store and check in. Food Safety Regulations do not allow dogs in the field. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your loyal support throughout the years.  We are truly grateful.  Sadly, we have had to raise our prices this year, but we are doing all we can to keep this essential service of healthy fresh produce and a place of wholesome refreshment available to the community.

Learn more about Bill’s Berry Farm today!

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