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Now CLOSED for the winter

To pick up frozen blueberries or strawberries by appt. please call the farm.

Debit or credit cards only accepted in our Farm Store.

We have a strict NO PETS policy! Due to Food Safety Regulations we ask you to please leave your pets at home for their comfort. 

We DO allow properly restrained and trained Service Dogs.  We do ask that you stop in at the Farm Store and let us know you are here. Due to food safety regs we must ask that you do not enter any fields with your dog. Thank you.

Available from the Cold Room:


Available from the Freezer:

Take and Bake Pies:   Sold out until May

Organic Blueberries: $16/4 lb gallon

Biologically grown Strawberries: $15/3 lb. gallon

Montmorency Tart Cherries $30/9 lb gallon bucket

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